Music Factory

One hour, one theme, a thousand and one discoveries.

The OPRL invites you to take your first steps (or to continue your exploration!) into the infinite world of symphonic music, with a simple formula: a concert with a relaxed presentation around an original theme, an ideal way to offer you excerpts from all musicial periods, with some history of the music and anecdotes behind the works that you hear. Your guide, Pierre Solot, alongside the orchestra of course, puts his knowledge and humour to good use during your exoperience! The themes of the 24-25 season are wide-ranging: pirates, censorship, money and the great outdoors. Let's hear it for the Music!

From age 13.
Free for under-26s.


69 € (4 concerts)


+/- 75'
Liège, Salle Philharmonique


When music is scorned or, on the contrary, exploited by political regimes: Pierre Solot and the OPRL take you down the dark corridors of political censorship...